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Starting with April’s Island Festival, enjoy traditional festivals and events all year round where you can taste the wonders of the Sea of Japan. At the Ogi Port Festival, you can see Tarai boat races and Kojishimai dances.


This rocky crag looks like two crouching turtles, hence its name meaning “two turtles”. A great place for swimming, with the clearer water than anywhere else around Sado Island.

(Address) Washizaki, Sado City
(Best time to go) July to August


Hakusanmaru Festival


Times: 18:00-22:00

Location: Urban area of Aikawa, Sado Island

Directions: 50 minutes by bus from Ryotsu Port to the “Aikawa” bus stop


Mano Park has 2,000 cherry blossom trees and is famous for being one of the best viewing spots on Sado. The cherry blossoms are lit up when they reach full bloom. The 120 paper lanterns made by the local residents are also a must-see. In late April, there will be local performing arts unique to Sado on an outdoor stage at Mano Park for Sado’s Spring Performing Arts Festival.

April 2017
Mano Park
35 min. by car from Ryotsu Port.
30 min. by car from Ogi Port.


This year marks the 12th Sponichi Sado Long Ride 210. The course is split into 4 distance categories, including a 210 km course that circles the island and a 40 km course that focuses on cuisine and tourist spots. Participants can choose a target distance that fits their leg strength and goals. Experience nature like you never can in a big city, and enjoy the vast blue sky, the blue ocean, the towering crags, and the dazzling greenery. Go for a ride and breathe it all in.

May 21, 2017 (Sun.), 5:30AM-6:00PM
*Time differs by course.
Kawaharada Elementary School grounds, Sado-shi
30 min. by car from Ryotsu Port.
50 min. by car from Ogi Port.


Aikawa, Sado City
Effective against cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases
(Special Qualities)
A hot spring in the Aikawa area near the Edo Period’s financial supporter, Sado’s Gold Mine, the beautifully sculpted coastline of Senkaku Bay and many places of interest.


Effective against neuralgia, fatigue recovery, joint pain, shoulder pain
(Special Qualities)
A hot spring in the Aikawa area near the Edo Period’s financial supporter, Sado’s Gold Mine, the beautifully sculpted coastline of Senkaku Bay and many places of interest.
Around 45 min. by car from Ryotsu Port.


Sawata, Sado City
Effective against rheumatism, cuts, women’s diseases
(Special Qualities)
A hot spring located in Sawata, the heart of Sado. Enclosed in a red pine forest, the song of birds can be heard in early spring.


Fresh fish and shellfish caught near Sado Island will be sold at very low prices. Everyone can join the amateur fish auction, and you will be amazed to see the expert’s outstanding skill in the giant tuna cleaning show.

Dates:Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Location:Sado Fish Market, 1-1 Kasuga, Sado City


The representatives of Sado’s autumn flavors, Okesa Persimmons are characterized by their smooth, fully rounded and superior flavor. In addition to wine and sake, young persimmon leaf tea and persimmon cakes, there are numerous other edible souvenirs from which to choose.


Come and celebrate kanburi, Niigata’s delicious yellowtail that represents the very best of winter delicacies of Sado. Beginning with fishing with large nets, get you fill of yellowtail through fish cutting demonstrations, fresh fish for sale, and yellowtail fish races.
The first 1,000 people to arrive at the hall will get free fish soup and welcome sake tasting.

Date:Sunday, December 4th, 2016
  (The first Sunday of December each year)

Time:10:00a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Venue:Washizaki Harbor event plaza, Sado City


Osaki Soba, made from only stone ground buckwheat flour and water, is “one hundred percent buckwheat soba”
Besides trying this soba made from 100% buckwheat flour, visitors can also enjoy local foods like dango dumplings, boiled dishes, and mountain vegetables. You can even see some of the Osaki region’s traditional performing arts.
Tour participants will be able to visit Watatsu shrine and ride the Tarai-bune tub boats.

※Book early, as spaces fill up quickly with both tourists from outside the island and repeat visitors.

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