Kamo Gifts Center and Information Center

BBC(Kamo Miyagemono Center)

The BBC is a center for information distribution where anyone can drop by and have a visit.
It is also a souvenir center for Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture. They have popular souvenirs, only available here, that attract visitors with their colorful packaging!
At the cafe, you can taste home-brewed craft cola made from seven kinds of organic spices and domestic citrus fruits. The colorful bicycles lined up in front of the facility are available for rent. And the best thing? Free of charge!
They also provide information on stores in the city, so make sure to drop by this beautifully designed facility, stock up on information, and why not go for a bike ride along the river!

General Information



Telephone Number0256-57-1020
Fax Number0256-57-1020
E-mail addressbbc@gfgs.net