Tonkatsu Masachan (Tarekatsudon)


Tarekatsudon is a hearty local dish of deep-fried pork cutlets dipped in a sweet and salty soy sauce served on rice. You can find it at Tonkatsu Masachan and numerous other restaurants in Niigata City.

Tarekatsudon is a beloved local Niigata City dish of freshly deep fried pork cutlets dipped in mouthwatering sweet and salty soy sauce and served atop rice. While many eateries in Niigata City offer this dish, we highly recommend Tonkatsu Masachan! This popular restaurant has four locations in Niigata City, including the main restaurant in Nuttari and a branch in front of Niigata Station.

The succulent cutlets are infused with the umami of a secret soy sauce blend that has been passed down for over 50 years since the restaurant’s establishment. Paired with rice from Niigata Prefecture, Japan's premier rice-producing region, it becomes even more delicious.

A bowl of tarekatsudon is sure to rejuvenate your body after a day of sightseeing! Give it a try!

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