Colored Carp and Blacksmithery: Come into Contact with Traditional Industries of Japan

Two days and one night
Car and on foot
Appreciate colored carp in a Japanese garden and experience blacksmithery in Tsubamesanjo where the traditional culture of smithing is alive. Tour parks and shrines that appear different in each of the four seasons the next day.
10 minutes by car from JR Ojiya Station


Ojiya Nishikigoi no sato

One and only! Nishikigoi carp's theme park

The city of Ojiya is the birthplace of Nishikigoi. Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato is the only place in the world where a wide variety of live Nishikigoi are on display along with the materials showing the history of their improvements. Nishikigoi carp was born 200 years ago due to mutation evolution, and people in Ojiya devoted to breed the carps into ornamental fish. The garden pond of the Japanese Garden in this facility, you can see 200 carps with 15 kinds swimming.

40 minutes by car


Suwada Open Factory

Open factory to see knife manufacturing.

We are a producer of tools by using the technique which can be utilized in our daily life, such as nail clippers, chestnut peelers etc.,.

●Open factory/Gallery and production factory
●Maximum people accepted/ 50
●Days of the tour accepted/ Tuesdays through Saturdays
●Operation hours/ 10:10A.M. to 12:10P.M. 1P.M to 5P.M.
●Photography/ Accepted but no flash please
●Other restrictions/ Tour is permitted only in designated area
●Reminder/Security camera is on due to safety reason
●Visitors' reference/ leaflets
Approx. tour time/ 30 minutes to an hour

20 minutes by car



Sanjo City is developed as an industrial city, manufacturing mainly metal items. The blacksmiths' technology that was historically the base of the industry is still in use today. Sanjo City's current blacksmiths hold hands-on workshops where various craftsmanship of the Sanjo area can be experienced, in order to introduce their blacksmithing techniques to as many people.

10 minutes by car


Road station, Tsubame-sanjo Jibasan Center

Collection of World Class made in Tsubame-Sanjo products!

It has a plenty of products made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan, one of the nation major metal ware production areas. Displaying and selling knives, tableware, kitchen tools, made by traditional craftsmanship. Many of the products are also popular in overseas, and the shop is duty free in response to the tourists from outside of Japan. It also offers souvenirs including local sake and Koshihikari rice.

Stay overnight in the environs

25 minutes by car


Yahiko Park

You can spend a leisurely and peaceful moment in nature.

This park is particularly "Japanese", with a waterfall, stream, and a tunnel. It is located near Yahiko Station, and is approximately 40,000 tsubo in size, or roughly 132231㎡. In particular, Momijidani, Maple Valley, is known for its fall foliage, with the leaves and the vermillion bridge easing visitors' minds.

10 minutes on foot


Yahiko Shrine

Oyahikosama is one of the popular "power spots" in the Niigata prefecture.

Cherished by many, over 200,000 people visit every year during the New Year holiday. The shrine is said to have more than 2400 years of history. Access to the shrine also convenient -- within walking distance from JR Yahiko Station and by car via Tsubame-Sanjo IC (Hokuriku Expressway). There is free parking area nearby. The shrine is in a sacred atmosphere, surrounded by the forest. It is also known for its fall foliage. You can enjoy the beautiful nature throughout the year. It is an extremely popular area, so we recommend you come early in the morning if you would like to feel the divine atmosphere. There is also a shrine at the summit of Mt. Yahiko which is also worth a visit. You can get to the summit via the Yahikoyama Ropeway. There is a free shuttle bus from the shrine to Yahiko Station. If you go by car, you can get there via the Yahikoyama Sky Line.

10 minutes on foot to the ropeway boarding point


Mount Yahiko

A sacred mountain as high as the Tokyo Skytree, suitable for hikers of all abilities

Mount Yahiko rises 634 metres above the ground – as high as the Tokyo Skytree – and is a popular location for hikers of all levels. The walking trail starts 15 minutes’ walk from Yahiko station and it takes about 90 minutes to walk to the top of the mountain. The top is also accessible by the Yahikoyama Ropeway or by car via the Yahikoyama Skyline. The mountain trails are well maintained and an easy walk even for children. The mountain ropeway is also available if you would prefer to climb one-way.

At Yahiko Sancho Park located at the top of Mount Yahiko visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the Echigo Plains and the Sea of Japan from the restaurant or the Panorama Tower featuring a 360° rotating observation room. The night view from here has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful night views in Japan, the view of the Echigo Plains under the starry night sky is spectacular!

The Okusha of Yahiko Shrine located atop Mount Yahiko has been used to worship Mount Yahiko since ancient times. Breathe the fresh air at this shrine and feel its sacred energy.