Exciting Winter Sports: Not Just Skiing and Snowboarding!


Niigata Prefecture is one of the best places in Japan for ski slopes. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the prefecture is packed with winter sports that are still not so well-known in Japan and snow activities that can also be enjoyed by small children. Why don't you have fun playing in the snow that is different to normal in the powder snow heaven that is Niigata this year?

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More thrilling than sledding! Snow tubing that can also be enjoyed by adults

The number of ski resorts that allow you to enjoy snow tubing has increased in recent years. You can slide down a dedicated course in one go riding a tube like a tire-shaped swim ring. As you turn backwards and go around and around, you will find this more thrilling even than sledding! Your tube will speed up even more as you bounce around, so this is a sport that can also be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Air boarding: Slide on the snow while lying down!

Air boarding is an activity with a new sensation. You lie face down on a rubber board and then slide down a ski slope. Your posture is close to the ground. This means that you will feel the speed even greater than if you were sitting - it is truly thrilling! You can learn to turn and stop the air board even with practice in a short period of time. Therefore, it is easy to enjoy air boarding. This is another attraction of the activity. The number of slopes where you can enjoy air boarding in Japan has increased over the last few years. There are around nine ski slopes where you can experience this activity in Niigata, so please make sure to check it out.

A bicycle and snowboard? Snowscooting is also recommended for children

Snowscooting is a winter sport that combines the characteristics of a bicycle and snowboard. You operate it with a handle, so it is easy to balance your upper body. Therefore, it is said that even first-timers can pick up the tricks to this sport with a few hours of practice. Although it is stable, you can really enjoy a feeling of speed and thrill. Accordingly, it is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from around elementary school aged children to older people.

Snow rafting: A roller coaster on the snow!

This is an attraction in which you run through a snow field riding on a rubber rafting board mounted to a snowmobile! It is also possible to adjust the speed and rolling to your preferences. Therefore, it is great for wild fun with groups or families and also great to enjoy the scenery at a slow pace together with small children. If you like a thrilling experience, centrifugal force will be applied to you by riding at the back of the boat. This allows you to experience large shaking.

Want to feel like a migratory bird? Glide through the world of snow of a zipline

Ziplining is an activity in which you glide down a wire rope stretched out in a mountain or forest using a pulley with a harness. There are many ski slopes where you can experience ziplining in the green season. However, there are also ski slopes where you can glide down the snowy mountains on a zipline in winter in Niigata! You can experience a feeling like that of a bird by gliding down on a zipline while looking out at a snow field. There is no need to support your own weight. This means you can freely enjoy ziplining even if you are not particularly strong.

Snowmobiles: The exhilarating sense of speed is addictive!

Snowmobiles are small vehicles that you drive on the snow. You can run through vast snow fields exhilaratingly on these. You do not need a driver's license if you travel in a designated place at leisure. There are also two-seater models in addition to single-seater models. This means you can also have fun as a couple or a group. Furthermore, there is even peace of mind for families with a facility that has snowmobiles for children available that can be ridden by those from the age of 4 years old! Enjoy the world of snow to your heart's content.