Let's join Niigata Tourism Ambassadors


What is Our Niigata/Our Niigataとは

[Our Niigata] is a Facebook-based community created to facilitate collaboration and share information in order to spread the charm of Niigata.
It includes Niigata Tourism Ambassadors and people involved in local regional development.

Our Niigataは、Niigata Tourism Ambassadorのみなさんと新潟の地域作りに関わる人たちが新潟の魅力を発信するために連携・情報共有していくためのFacebookグループです。

Benefits for joining/参加するメリット

Benefits for joining [Our Niigata]
● Actively participate in disseminating information overseas through Niigata Tourism Ambassador's social media and other sources
● Receive advice regarding information dissemination overseas (for example, creation of articles or social media content)
● Discuss possible improvements and/or new implementations that incorporate a foreigner's point of view.

Our Niigataに参加すると

* For the detailed information, please check the leaflet and video below out.  詳細は下記リーフレットと動画をご確認ください。


Please apply from the URL below.
You will need to join Facebook.


Activities so far/これまでの活動

Throughout 2022, the Ambassadors have travelled around the prefecture and visited both popular and completely obscure sights. The trip reports from the journeys are both entertaining and informative.
Please check the link below for details.

2022 年を通してアンバサダーは人気のある観光地からあまり知られていない観光地まで県内を旅しました。アンバサダーからの旅行レポートは面白くて参考になります。