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About Niigata Tourism Ambassadors

 Niigata prefecture is a beautiful place full of unique customs, breathtaking natural beauty, intriguing history, and traditional crafts. Throughout 2022, the Ambassadors have travelled around the prefecture and visited both popular and completely obscure sights. The trip reports from the journeys are both entertaining and informative.

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SADO ISLAND – The land of Untouched traditions

A Mine to Remember(By Luke Fosterling)

 Sado Gold Mine is a well-known and popular destination on the island. However, even the locals do not know all the fun dark places to be explored there! Stepping away from the traditionally visited renovated 400-year-old tunnels, the twists and turns will make you confront the dark sides of human nature and think about its adverse effects on the nature around us.

Salt and Love are in the air at Meotoiwa on Sado Island(By Elizabeth Watson)

 The coast of Sado Island has unique geological properties. However, for locals, these geological formations also form the core of their legends and beliefs. Here is also the place where thousand-year-old lore meets hundred-year-old industry, and both survive to the modern day!

Discovering the dance and tradition of Onidaiko(By Maryanne Tsuchida)

 “Oni” loosely translates to “Devil” and “daiko” means “drum”. Things however are not always as they seem, and in the case of Onidaiko – a traditional dance performance unique to Sado Island – things are most definitely NOT that simple.

The untouched spiritual center of Japan(By Ersoz Halise Nur)

 Sado Island lays at the coast of Niigata Prefecture. It is the 6th largest island in Japan. Despite its proximity to the Central Island, the unique culture of Sado remains largely untouched by outside influences. Century old traditions, legends, and rituals continue in their purest forms.

About the video creator

ERSÖZ Halise Nur
Nur is a swimming instructor from Turkey, who has been living in Japan since 2021. She loves to travel, do sports, and take photos. 

A peek into the Sado Gold Mine(By Kelsey Bozeman)

 In it’s hey-day, the Sado Gold Mine was one of the most productive Gold mines in the world. Although it closed in the 1980s, some tunnels have been renovated and are now a museum. Other tunnels have been left as they were, and those can too be visited by interested travellers!

About the video creator

Kelsey Bozeman
Kelsey is from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She moved to Nagaoka in July of 2022 but is already happy to call Niigata Prefecture home. Currently, she assists in teaching English at several local high schools, but she used to work at a specialty coffee shop in college. While she no longer works as a barista, she enjoys drinking coffee and discovering all the local coffee shops in her new home. And, like many others, Kelsey also enjoys photography and traveling. Her Instagram is @kelseyboze.

JOETSU AREA – Breathtaking Nature

Autmn in Myoko (By Chuta Kooanantkul)

If you're looking for fall foliage, Joetsu-Myoko area in Niigata Prefecture must be your next destination. Joetsu-Myoko, located only two hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train), boasts a number of picturesque locations to explore during the autumn. Here are some places that you absolutely cannot miss.

Mesmerising Myoko: The beauty of the four seasons (By Sai Shidhaye)

Niigata prefecture in Japan is known for the scenic spots and beautiful mountain landscapes. Myoko is one such amazing location in Niigata which offers beautiful views in all seasons. This article summarizes some of the must visit spots in Myoko. Enjoy the article and make sure to add Myoko in your bucket list of travel destinations!

Shin-Etsu trail (By Jing Cheinhui)

Although the Shin-Etsu trail runs along the boundary of Niigata and Nagano prefectures, it represents unity rather than division. The path that runs along the most beautiful country is created and maintained by volunteers from both prefectures. Going through the whole 110 km is truly a unique and gratifying experience!

Memorable Myoko (By Aditya Patil)

Myoko region in Niigata Prefecture of Japan is blessed with amazing natural beauty! We visited Myoko and hiked the Shinetsu Trail in October 2022. Here is the detailed video about Myoko areas and its beauty! Enjoy the video and do visit Myoko to explore many more hidden treasures!

About the video creator

Aditya Patil
Aditya, living in Niigata city, is a yoga instructor from India. He loves to hike, take photos, and create short videos. He also enjoys making new friends, visiting new places, and learn more and more about Japanese culture.

NIIGATA CITY – Unforgettable history

Living it up like a merchant from yesteryear (By Juno Valerio)

Do you want to know what Niigata City, "City of Water," was like 100 years ago? Read more to find out how to experience the life of a merchant from 100 years ago in the modern day.

Niitsu, Then and Now: A Peek into Niigata’s Countryside (By Zac Carr)

Niitsu is a small town adjacent and now a part of Niigata city, easily overlooked by most despite its historical significance in Japan’s development. Niitsu is also well-known for its glassblowing workshops, producing some of the most beautiful glassworks in the country. You won’t want to overlook this hidden gem!

Eat and drink Niigata, Japan (By Diana Hegyeshalmi)

In this video, I have tried to summarise the most popular dishes in Niigata. You can even get a taste of the many types of sake at Niigata station. In addition, the video includes an event where we were able to experience sushi making as part of the Edge of Niigata programme. In my opinion, Niigata is definitely worth a visit for the gastronomic experience alone.

About the video creator

Diana Hegyeshalmi
This is Diana’s second stint in Japan. She loves making videos, drawing, going on trips, and studying languages. She is an open person who is excited to share her worls with others.

[Exploring Niigata City] Sushi-Making Masterclass (By Diep Tran)

This video introduces an amazing Sushi Making Class in Niigata City and showyou what makes Niigata-style so delicious and tasty.

About the video creator

Diep Tran
Diep was born in Vietnam. She used to be a dentist in HoChi Minh City and has moved to Niigata City, Japan for being a PhD student in Niigata University since Oct, 2022. Diep enjoys outdoor activities especially biking, running and hiking. She wants to take full advantage of living here in 4 years to explore and enjoy Japan.

[Exploring Niigata City] Niitsu Area (By Diep Tran)

Niitsu Area - a hidden gem in Niigata City with a long history of oil production and spectacular forests. This area is also famous for Akiha Glass - a glass blowing factory and Atelier Miharu - where you can buy many beautiful tableware and jewelry as well as making your own awesome glass.

TSUBAME-SANJO – traditional craftsmanship meets modern industriousness

Eating Your Way Around Tsubame-Sanjo (By Taylor Steed)

Whether you are going for a day or a year, Tsubame-Sanjo has a rich food culture that has something for everyone. Of course this is an industrial town, that is bustling with innovation and creativity.

A Touch of Copper from Tsubame (By Sarah Wilkowske)

The area of Tsubame-Sanjo has a rich history of metalwork, including the stunning handmade pieces of copperware from Tsubame. Crafting in Tsubame has come a long way since copper was first found in nearby Mount Yahiko, but in many ways, it still remains the same. Learn about the painstaking process of hand-making copperware from flat disks to carefully designed pots and why these kinds of traditional crafts could be facing trouble.

From Nails to Knives – Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata (By Depalmer Katelyn)

Located in the heart of Niigata Prefecture, the Tsubame-Sanjo manufacturing region has a rich history of craftsmanship. The two cities that comprise this area’s name are both respected in kitchens across the world for their excellent cooking knives. Visitors can enjoy a number of modern open factories in Tsubame-Sanjo to see with their own eyes how an unassuming piece of metal is turned into a sleek and sharp kitchen knife.

Tsubame sanjo movie

Tsubame and Sanjo, two charming twin cities located just an hour and 45
minutes away from Tokyo on the bullet train, are a perfect day trip or overnight destination for families looking for an authentic experience outside big cities. Families can explore the charming nearby village of Kita-Imogawa, visit a nearby shrine, and indulge in fresh and delicious gelato and more. They can also check out local vintage stores, family-run copperware workshops, and visit Tojiro Knife Factory and Kaji Dojo to learn about the intricate process of knifemaking and metallurgy.

About the video creator

Indigo's Tips
Here at Indigo’s Tips we strive to give you a unique look at Japan that emphasizes locality and family fun. As an international family living in Niigata, Japan we strive to offer reviews and tips that not only engage your interests but also provide details on experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Family can take on many forms in today’s changing world, so whether you’re traveling with your children or simply a few of your best friends this blog is for you!