EXPERIENCE ECHIGO(Niigata Prefecture)


Experience Echigo(Niigata Prefecture)

About Experience Echigo

We will provide you with a special experience never before seen. We have prepared attractive content that will make you fall in love with Echigo even more.

7/26 (Fri) – 7/27 (Sat) — Kashiwazaki Festival Sea Fireworks Shipboard Viewing Tour, Kashiwazaki City

Get up close to the ocean fireworks and dinner on board from a specially prepared premium bleacher

The Gion Kashiwazaki Festival Sea Fireworks is an impressive fireworks display featuring a breathtaking array of fireworks, including the Undersea Star Mine, the 600-meter-wide Star Mine that takes advantage of the ocean surface, and the simultaneous launching of 100 “Shakudama” balls that can only be experienced in Kashiwazaki. This memorable tour includes premium shipboard viewing of the fireworks show with a special dinner, an exhilarating taiko drum performance by the taiko group Kodo, and a hands-on taiko drumming experience.

8/1 (Thu) -8/3 (Sat) Watch the Nagaoka Festival fireworks display on the restaurant bus

A special experience where you can feel the artistic fireworks of Niigata, the highest peak in the world and its origin!

Many large fireworks that fill the night sky are attractive, such as the “regular three-shaku ball,” which is a large flower with a diameter of about 650 meters, and the “Reconstruction Prayer Fireworks Phoenix,” which has a launch width of about 2 km.
Why were the world-famous fireworks in Nagaoka born in this area?
Watch the best fireworks at a special location unique to this tour.
Premium dining in collaboration with international chefs for this limited time.
Also, it is a special tour where you can feel the origin of art living in Niigata life and experience its beauty by interacting with craftsmen who have been flowing from time immemorial and seeing the various craftsmanship that shines everywhere.

9/12 (Thu) -9/14 (Sat) Premium Dining and Special Seating Katakai Festival Dedicated Fireworks

Watch the launch of the world's largest 4-foot ball in a special spectator seat! Katakai Festival dedicated fireworks and premium food experience

It weighs about 420 kilograms.

You can relax and watch the large fireworks dedicated to the Katakai Festival, famous for the launch of large flowers and four-foot balls with a diameter of about 800 meters, in a special viewing space.

This is a tour where you can experience the richness of Niigata's food through premium dining that makes full use of Niigata ingredients by inviting overseas chefs for this time only, a fireworks-themed Japanese confectionary making experience at a long-established Japanese confectionary store, and a special tea ceremony experience where you can enjoy it in a tea room that gathers the best tea utensils.

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