Accommodation Facilities in Niigata Prefecture Where You Can Experience a Unique Stay


There are many accommodation facilities where you can enjoy a unique experience typical of Japan in Niigata! This is not limited to just staying in a Japanese-style building. Why don't you stay in a unique accommodation facility such as a guesthouse in a renovated temple, a townhouse you can use as a studio or a guesthouse where you can sleep surrounded by books?

Tokamachi is full of unique accommodation facilities such as a single house for rent

The world-class Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, a rich food culture produced from being a snow country, unique and diverse kimonos, and friendly people who accept travelers like members of their family... Tokamachi is a town packed with attractions to the extent you wouldn't get bored even if you spent 10 days here. It is also full of experiences you can only try here!

Tokamachi is also home to many unique accommodation facilities. Why don't you immerse yourself in an accommodation facility where you can enjoy a rich typical Japanese experience? These accommodation facilities include Toronoki House, a farm guesthouse in a refurbished old private home with rice terraces that extend out in front of you; Daichi, a farm guesthouse where you can experience the leisurely countryside; and Kayaya, a guesthouse with a thatched roof that stands quietly in the mountains.

Hotaru - A temple guesthouse: Experience the extraordinary with a stay in a temple!

This is an out-of-the-ordinary guesthouse. It is a guesthouse that was created from renovating a 250-year old temple without a priest. It is in a location where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding with many inexpensive ski resorts for families nearby. The area around the temple is full of rice fields as far as you can see. Therefore, you can also play in the snow (e.g., sledding, snowball fights and snow hut building) to your heart's content. There are more than 10 hot springs nearby. The nearest hot spring is just a 10-minute walk!

This guesthouse is a traditional space of a temple. Nevertheless, it is also clean and pleasant inside because it was renovated in 2018. The toilets and showers are new.

Rent a whole old private townhouse! Craftsmen's Inn KAJI where you can also enjoy a studio experience

Sanjo has a long history as a town of manufacturing. Japanese nails, farm tools, carpentry tools, kitchen knives and other edged tools have been produced here since long ago.

This Craftsmen's Inn KAJI is a rental house. It was created by refurbishing an old private townhouse built over 80 years ago and is now available for rent by one party of guests for the whole house. This house has a beautiful appearance produced by the passage of time with a long and confined structure to the interior that has a narrow frontage called an "unagi-no-nedoko (eel's bed)." There is a lineup of chisels, planes, kitchen knives and other tools from smithing technology here.

You can also use this house as a studio. Why don't you indulge in manufacturing while spending time in a townhouse studio?

nuttari NARI: An old private home guesthouse in a retro town

The town of Nuttari is located approximately 15 minutes on foot from Niigata Station. The port town of Nuttari is found in an urban area with excellent access. It is an area with mysterious charms. The nostalgia that comes from using tenement housing and the newness of unique shops coexist here.

One of these attractions of the town of Nuttari is nuttari NARI - an old private home guesthouse with a bar. There is a mixed dormitory, female-only dormitory and private rooms in this guesthouse. These have each been built under the theme of spring, summer, fall and winter in Japan.

The bar can be used by non-guests. Accordingly, locals also stop by here. You are welcome to bring in food with you. It is a spot where warm exchanges are born.

A library? A secret base? The new sensation Book Inn Hostel

You will find this guesthouse irresistible if you like books! It is a guesthouse where you can experience a new sensation. There are beds like a secret base inside an interior that looks like a library, so you can sleep surrounded by books. The guesthouse has an extensive range of books with comics, magazines, essays, Japanese books and Western books. This makes it a place of relaxation for book lovers. There is also a day plan available. Therefore, you can also use this facility to take a break during sightseeing or as somewhere in place of a cafe.

This guesthouse has many great points. It has a unique and stylish interior. It is located two minutes on foot from Niigata Station. It also has reasonable prices. Why don't you try experiencing this exciting secret base?

YOSABEI - a farm guesthouse in an old private home built by a German architect on Sado Island

Surrounded by rice fields, bamboo forests and rivers in the middle of Sado Island, there stands an old private home with an impressive orange outer wall and black pillars. The architectural designer Karl Bengs regenerated the approximately 200-year old Yosabei Residence to serve as the building for this guesthouse. Dynamic beams endlessly run left and right in the atrium inside the building. The cherry blossom-colored plaster walls are beautiful. This creates a space that will relax your soul.

This facility is a farm guesthouse. The married couple owners live on the first floor while just one party per night can stay on the second floor. It also becomes a cafe during the day. The accommodation plan comes with a breakfast that allows you to enjoy the taste inherent in the ingredients. This includes the highest grade rice cooked carefully in an iron pan, freshly picked homemade organic vegetables, miso soup with homemade miso, local fish and edible wild plants.

Please savor the blessings of nature with time that passes slowly as befits an island.