Ski Resorts in Niigata:Myoko


Restaurants of Myoko

Mt. Myoko is home to some of the best snow in Japan, but little do people know that some of the best food in the region can be found here as well. Whether you are looking for a full course menu, a little snack, or just a place to drink a beer with friends after an epic day riding, we’ve got all the inside knowledge for you.
Vibrant Japanese Hospitality

Local recommendations

Izakaya Pontaro
No Japanese ski trip is complete without a visit to a local Japanese restaurant, called izakaya. A town favourite is Pontaro, where both the food and service are always wonderful. The lovely owners will make you feel right at home and can introduce you to some Japanese classics. Make sure you try the local sake tasting sets, as it is a good introduction to Myoko.

If yakitori is what you are looking for, then look no further than Asagao. Located conveniently in the main street of Akakura, this family-owned business will serve you some mouth-watering grilled chicken, along with many other delicacies. With limited space, make sure to come in on time, and perhaps ask your accommodation to make a reservation for you.

Sennin Okonomiyaki
Sennin is a wonderfully quaint Okonomiyaki restaurant in the heart of Akakura. Your meal is prepared at your request at your table using traditional methods and delicious local produce. A truly unforgettable Japanese experience.

A Korean BBQ restaurant where you can cook your own food on a traditional hibachi grill. Choose from a range of meats and local vegetables. Inside knowledge says you must try their famous local cabbage dish.

Arakin Ramen
After a long day out on the mountain, nothing beats a hot bowl of ramen. A local favourite for many people is Arakin, run by a family that specialises in all things Japanese. Their specialty is the Shio chashumen (salt-flavoured ramen noodle with thinly-sliced pork), but the miso ramen is highly recommended as well. They serve a large variety of other options as well, including some of the best gyoza and pork fried rice with garlic.

Fine dining

Kanko Hotel – Sorbier Restaurant
Traditional French cuisine, made with wild regional vegetables and local produce is what this restaurant is all about. Boasting chefs from the France Academy, you will eat nothing but the best while enjoying the magnificent views over the valley.

By far the best traditional Japanese restaurant in Myoko, they offer a new menu each season, as they use nothing but regionally sourced produce. Come here to enjoy local dishes such as Noppe and Sasami-zushi, as well as the specialty fish Nodoguro and Niigata produced Echigo beef. A unique experience that you will not regret.

Located directly across the road from the Akakura gondola station is Silverhorn Hotel and Restaurant. The chef develops a rotating menu that can best be defined as Japanese-inspired with an international twist. Dinners are served as a set course "omakase", or chef’s recommendation, menu. No lack of creativity here, so be prepared to be surprised. Dietary needs are easily catered for with vegetarian options always available. A hot recommendation for a cosy but laid-back atmosphere, or even for a nice dinner date. Wine lovers also should look no further, as the staff always have a wonderful selection available. Make sure not to miss out on this one!

Lotte Arai Resort
Restaurants at Lotte Arai Resort are exceptional, and although food prices are aimed at guests expecting a lavish experience, they will not be disappointed. The hotel offers several dining options that range from simple snacks and buffet meals to beautifully prepared cuisine including Italian, Japanese, seafood and premium steakhouse options. The quality of the food is outstanding and most locations showcase panoramic mountain views.

Family Friendly

Koyama is a lovely family-run restaurant just off the main street in Akakura Onsen and is highly recommended among the local community. The gyoza, ginger pork, and garlic chicken are some of the highlights, along with ramen and karaage of course. Being slightly off the main street, it tends not to be as busy as some other places, so it is always worth checking out.

Sometimes all you want is a good pizza or some filling pasta, and Pomodoro is the place to go. Located on the main street in Akakura, it is accessible and with plenty of seating available, they can easily accommodate families as well.

One of the most popular dining options in wintertime! They serve a wide selection of dishes that can accommodate most food preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. A particular pride of theirs is the locally sourced snowmelt rice provided by the Yamakawa family farm in Myoko.

Just a little snack

Panorama Cafe & Dining
On the non-snowy days, this café really does do their name justice with some of the best views in town. It is the go-to option for great coffees or lunch, and especially for apré-ski drinks and snacks. A relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff is all you want after a cold day out on the mountain.

Think Japanese-inspired German beer hall, and that about covers Tatra. Home to the local Myoko Kogen brewery, you can enjoy the wide variety of brews while indulging in their large food buffet. With options from Japanese sashimi to pizza, there is always something for everyone.

Bakery & Table - Akakura Kanko Hotel
Located at the base of the Akakura Kanko gondola station, Bakery & Table is possibly the best bakery in the region. Grab your pain-au-chocolat before going up the mountain for the day or come in for a delicious pizza lunch. Run by the famous Akakura Kanko Hotel bakery, you can get a real deal of French baked goods for affordable prices here.

Akakura Cafe
Best all-day breakfast in town! The owners specialise in healthy and fresh western brekkie options, and already have your coffee fix ready. They cater to vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free as well to make sure anyone is welcome.

With such a wide variety of options available for all tastes and requirements, the only problem you are going to have will be deciding which restaurants to go to.