Ski Resorts in Niigata:Myoko


Myoko area Introduction

Welcome to Niigata's snowfields, the Japow Capital of Japan, and the ideal holiday choice for friends and families. First things first: if you are looking for some of the best snow Japan has to offer, then look no further than the Myoko and Arai region. Easily accessible by bullet train (Shinkansen), the average snowfall for these areas is a colossal 13-16 meters each winter. That's enough for endless powder turns a few times over. A distinct charming highlight of the Myoko region is its traditional Japanese yet friendly cultural atmosphere. The locals are probably the most welcoming people on earth, all wishing you the best possible holiday experience.

Immediately following a flourishing period of growing internationals discovering this hidden gem, Myoko has seen an increase in appeal in recent years. However, it has avoided dilemmas that have affected other ski resorts, such as losing their authenticity or being unable to adequately accommodate international differences. It's a delicate line that Myoko has managed to walk thus far. The region, which includes a large number of ski resorts and surrounding area, is still home to traditional Japanese villages while also offering international snowsport schools, lodges, and other amenities to those who want to enjoy a ski or snowboard trip in the Japanese mountains without the language barrier. That said, every little effort to say a simple hello, please and thank you goes a long way and is very much appreciated by the warm community.

Myoko is made up of several different ski resorts with sprawling villages. Generally, these resorts are less busy than other popular resorts in Japan and quite often you will find yourself being the only person on the run! The weather is much more desirable for families in Myoko with sunnier days with many dumps of fluffy powder snow. All the moisture is swept in from the Sea of Japan and cooled by the surrounding peaks, creating one of the snowiest places on the globe.

As one of Japan's largest skiing areas, Myoko's ski fields were first established in 1911 and the area is one of the world's oldest ski resorts, as well as the traditional mountain retreat for Japan's royal family. Those who visit will be able to find many examples of the area’s rich heritage with many shrines and temples, some dedicated to the protection of all riders and hikers. Interestingly, Myoko's primary meaning is 'Holy Mountain Standing in the Centre of the Universe,’ which comes from Buddhist culture. With such a captivating background, you’ve found the ideal spot for a whole Japan ski resort experience.

If you are looking for a holiday with nightclubs and bars, then Myoko is not going to be your scene. The area is catered beautifully for families, couples and groups of friends, offering a diverse range of lively restaurants and bars, as well as lodging options, several of which are ski-in/ski-out or within walking distance of local lifts. Numerous visitors enjoy the Japanese hospitality while staying in one of the many family-owned lodges, some of which have recently been remodelled and have many western-style amenities.
One of the major attractions for families in the area is the incredible English-speaking snowsport schools and childcare services. Myoko Snowsports, located in Akakura and Lotte Arai Resort, make things simple, with some of Japan’s greatest overseas instructors spending the winter in Myoko. Their enthusiasm for skiing and snowboarding is contagious, and their coaching and guiding talents are second to none. They provide group and private ski and snowboard training for all levels, ages and aspirations, as well as very high-quality gear in their rental shop. Go Myoko is another highly recommended international snowsports school based in Alpen Blick Resort (Ikenotairia). Their international crew of professional, experienced instructors will ensure that you have an unforgettable time on the slopes offering private lessons options for all levels. Undoubtedly, you can be sure that your family and friends’ snowsport goals will be exceeded by teams that cannot wait to take you out on the hill.

One of the area's genuine beauties is the onsens (natural hot springs). Visitors come from all over the globe to experience this pinnacle of relaxation. The various onsens in and around Mt. Myoko's base are well-known for their allure and varying mineral colours. Some are managed by the community, while others may be found in your lodgings. Unwind after a day of riding or simply admiring the wonderful natural surroundings by bathing peacefully in one of the several Myoko and Lotte Arai onsens; you may even be lucky enough to see an adorable native Tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog).

Lotte Arai Resort, originally opened in 1993 as Arai Mountain & Spa and then closed in 2006, reopened its doors in 2017 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Even though it is a full year-round resort, its particular appeal is in the winter months, when it boasts some of the greatest snowfall in Japan, and some of the best quality snow across the entire world. With so many activities on offer, there is always something for everyone, including exceptional English-speaking snowsports schools offering private and group lessons for first-time to expert level visitors. Powder programs are also available through the hotel to discover the best powder terrain Lotte Arai has to offer. The hotel’s fine local and international restaurants are sure to satisfy all different tastes with lively bars and lounges. A luxury resort hotel with copious amenities and facilities, breathtaking mountain views and lavish lodgings, Lotte Arai is the perfect place for a hassle-free family holiday.

As we still navigate through a world with COVID-19, it is important to know that your next-chosen snow holiday resort is taking all the necessary precautions to prevent and reduce the spread of viruses. It is obvious that the resorts in Myoko and Lotte Arai are doing all that they can to encourage their guests to be COVID-19 conscious, as well as have strict policies and procedures in place. Personal hygiene, social distance measures, lift riding capacities, regular staff health checking, and appropriate changes to day-to-day operations are certainly all overt and regular practices followed by all resorts.

Myoko Kogen combines so many outstanding features into one package. With a sprinkling of impressive ski resorts, magical powder snow, delicious restaurants, vibrant bars, fantastic international snowsport schools and steaming onsens, you will soon find your home away from home in Myoko Kogen.