[Experience] Traditioanl Craft: Fortune Doll “Chinkoro” Making

十日町のフォーチュンドール ” ちんころ” 作り体験

Have a go at “Chinkoro” making. A traditional craft that is passed down generations in Tokamachi.

“Chinkoro” is a famous traditional art form originating from Tokamachi. “Chinkoro” is the local term for “puppy”, and is a doll of a puppy made from rice flour.
It is made during the New Year celebrations, and if it cracks apart it is believed to bring good luck!

In this program, you will make Chinkoro while being taught by local masters. Instead of sticking to traditional puppies and zodiac signs, you can make your own original dolls such as anime characters, mascots, and animals. It is an experience that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy. Perfect for a one and only souvenir.

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