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Itoigawa Seafood Shuttle Bus

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Many tourists fromoverseas visit Hakuba Village in Nagano Prefecture to enjoy winter sports,including skiing. In order for them to enjoy the local cuisine of Itoigawa, we havea shuttle bus service from the Hakuba area to Itoigawa Station in operationaround dinner time. Please enjoy the fresh seafood cuisine of the Sea of Japan.

Name of shuttle bus :
Itoigawa Seafood Shuttle Bus

Dates of operation in2017:
January 5 (Thurs.), 11 (Wed.),12 (Thurs.), 13 (Fri.), 18 (Wed.), 19 (Thurs.), 20 (Fri.), 25 (Wed.), 26 (Thurs.),27 (Fri.)
February 1 (Wed.), 2 (Thurs.)

Hours of operation:
(Going) Hakuba to Itoigawa
5:00pm Depart from Hakuba Tokyu Hotel
5:10pm Depart from Happo Information Center
5:15pm Depart from Hakuba Sanroku Tours
5:35pm Depart from Minami-Otari Station
6:30pm Arrive at Itoigawa Station

(Returning) Itoigawa to Hakuba
9:30pm Depart fromItoigawa Station
10:25pm Depart fromMinami-Otari Station
10:35pm Depart fromHakuba Sanroku Tours
10:40pmDepart from Happo Information Center
10:50pm Arrive at HakubaTokyu Hotel

One-way: 500yen ;Round-trip: 1,000yen

*Advance reservation required due to limited seatavailability.
Please make reservationsthrough the following agent:
Hakuba Sanroku Tours
Phone: 0261-72-6900
E-mail: booking@hakuba1.com
Informational pamphlet: http://www.hakuba1.com/pdf/seafood.pdf


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