2021-2022 Facebook Live Event series


“Have a nice virtual trip! In Niigata” Vol.1

Why don’t you join Facebook Live Event and finding out unique attractions in Niigata?
We are going to hold online event series named “Have a nice virtual trip! in Niigata”.
We will hold the events 5 times and show you fascinating scenery, art, culture, seasonal attractions, cuisine, and so on.
Through this event series, you will find out how attractive Niigata is, things to do and how to enjoy Niigata.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the online events!
*This series will include alcohol and non-halal food.

Vol.1 “Sado towards world heritage site”

Archive video of Vol.1 (full size)

Live streaming was finished. But you can watch and review below. Please check it out!

Access to Sado Island

①Tokyo – Niigata city(Capital city of Niigata)
 Only about 120 minutes by Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

②Niigata city-Sado Island
About 60 minutes by Jetfoil
About 150 minutes by car ferry

Featured spots in vol.1

① ”Taraibune and Hamayaki”


Have you seen such a unique type of tub boat?
Some of you may have seen it in Ghibli movie "Spirited Away".
This is "Taraibune"
It is made from Miso barrel and originally it was used for fishing.
And even today, some fishers use it.
In Sado island , you can enjoy this unique "Taraibune" ride in several spots.

●The spot introduced in the video
  "Yajima Taiken Koryukan (experience & exchange center)"


*Turban shell. You can also enjoy grilled squid here.

●The spot introduced in the video
“Rikiya Kanko Kisen”
*You can also enjoy Taraibune here!

② "Taiko Experience (Japanese drum)"

 Sado has historically unique culture of taiko called “Ondeko” (“Onidaiko”).
 Local festivals praying for harvest and happy life have been held around the island.
 And in these festivals, several kinds of unique “Ondeko” performance have been done as a
part of them.
 Also, an internationally famous taiko group “Kodo” is based in the island, where there is such a unique culture of taiko.
 You can experience taiko playing experience in Taiko Sado Island Taiko Center (Tatakokan),where Kodo operates.
 Why don’t you enjoy takiko playing experience with nice instructor?

*Amazing demonstration performance by nice instructor.

●The spot introduced in the video
 “Sado Island Taiko Center (Tatakokan)”

③ "Sado gold mine"

 There were gold mine and silver mine in Sado island.
 From about 400 years ago, The gold mine was discovered and then gold had mined until 1980s, in the island.
 The gold from Sado supported government finances in Edo era(about 400 years ago to about 150 years ago).

 In Sado island , you can see unique features of this industrial heritage.
 Also, Sado gold mine is aimed to be world heritage site

 Why don’t you visit this historical heritage?

"Sado Gold Mine"

*The site which people dug for the gold from the top by human power.

●The spot introduced in the video
 Sado Gold Mine

Other spots introduced in this video

Next event

Vol.2 ”Delicious food and art in Echigo Tsumari”

October. 14th
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Over view of “Sado Island”

Sado is one of the most unique island in Japan.

 It is famous for beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, and unique tradition.
 Historically, a lot of culture were brought because some key people who played a big role in the political or cultural field spent their lives in Sado by political reasons.
 For example, Noh, Temples modeled on which in Kyoto ,and so on.
 Also, there was a Gold and Silver Mine in Sado island and it used to be main of gold producing area in Japan.
 You can still visit there and learn history of this great heritage. 
 These unique backgrounds have grown up uniqueness of Sado Island.
 In addition to plenty of nature and slow comfortable atmosphere of Sado, these tradition constitutes attraction of Sado and it is as if a miniature of Japan.