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About Niigata Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture can be reached via a 2-hour shinkansen train ride from Tokyo Station. Stretching from north to south along the Sea of Japan, it’s a land of pristine natural landscapes dotted with magnificent mountains and rivers, and a unique culture and history that emerged from this lush environment. Niigata is dotted with traditional townscapes that act as snapshots of Japan of days past, allowing visitors to the prefecture to travel 150 years back in time. In addition, the area offers plenty of delicious food, including fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and more than enough rice, since Niigata also happens to be the no. 1 producer of the grain in the entire country.

The Niigata Welcome Campaign Is Now in Full Swing!

International visitors to Niigata Prefecture can now take advantage of its discount campaign! See one of Japan’s most picturesque areas while saving money and enjoying a variety of fun experiences. All you have to do is book one of the following accommodations or experiences.

5,000 YEN OFF if your stay or experience totals 10,000 yen or above
2,500 YEN OFF if your stay or experience totals between 5,000 and 9,999 yen
NO DISCOUNT if your stay or experience totals less than 5,000 yen

[Reservation Period]
Monday, May 22, 2023 – Friday, February 29, 2024

[Discount Period]
Monday, May 22, 2023 – Friday, February 29, 2024
*For stays, applies for check-outs up until Friday, February 29

[Eligible Plans]
Stays or experiences that are covered by this discount campaign will have one of the following written:
Niigata Welcome Campaign !! ¥5,000OFF!!
Niigata Welcome Campaign !! ¥2,500OFF!!
*Please keep in mind that for stays, reservations are limited to a total of 7 nights per person.

[Terms and Conditions]
■Discounts are only available to international tourists who make reservations through the official website.
■Proof of identity* must be shown upon arrival.
*Passport or “zairyu” residence card

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          ➡ List of experiences covered in the Niigata Welcome Campaign

Discover the Charms of Niigata’s Many Regions and Areas!

Niigata Prefecture is large in area and diverse in culture. In order to better explain it, we have divided the prefecture into seven areas based on their unique histories, cultures, and traditions. Below, we introduce them as well as local accommodations participating in the discount campaign.

Murakami / Shibata Area

The Murakami / Shibata area is located in the north of Niigata Prefecture and offers many natural landscapes as well as the unique scenery and culture of a Japanese castle town. It is especially recommended for those looking for a relaxing and nostalgic trip through attractions such as Tsukioka Onsen with its skin-beautifying hot springs; Sasagawa Nagare, known for having one of the most beautiful coastlines in the prefecture; and Awashima, an island with a castle town where time appears to flow more slowly.

Niigata / Aga Area

Niigata City, the center of Niigata Prefecture, is a historic city celebrating 150 years since the opening of its port. It offers plenty of great food and sightseeing spots thanks to being home to two major rivers and the mansions of wealthy farmers built more than 130 years ago. The area also houses Lake Hyoko and its many swans, as well as Gosen, a city known for its tulips.

Yahiko / Tsubame Sanjo Area

The Yahiko / Tsubame Sanjo area is dotted with many historical attractions such as Yahiko Shrine, which has been a place of worship for the locals since ancient times; Western tableware metal-working studios, which have all won worldwide acclaim; and the retro townscape of Kamo City.

Nagaoka / Kashiwazaki Area

The Nagaoka / Kashiwazaki area faces the Sea of Japan and is dotted with many beautiful beaches. Visitors to this part of Niigata can reap the benefits of this location at places like Kujiranami Beach, which boasts some of the clearest waters in the prefecture, and Teradomari, a great place to get fresh seafood. The area is also famous for the scenic terraced rice paddies and ponds of Yamakoshi, as well as the three major fireworks festivals of Echigo, which attract large crowds from all over Japan every year.

Yuzawa / Uonuma Area

The mountainous and snowy Yuzawa / Uonuma area is famous for its natural scenery, including the rice terraces of Hoshitoge, the unexplored Okutadami region, and the Bijinbayashi beech forest. It is also one of the best snow resorts in Japan, attracting many visitors in winter. Then in the summer, people flock here to escape the heat, with the flow of visitors continuing into autumn thanks to the area’s colorful fall foliage. The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, an art festival held every three years in Echigo-Tsumari, is also a major local attraction that brings people from all over the world to this part of Niigata.

Myoko / Joetsu / Itoigawa Area

The Myoko / Joetsu / Itoigawa area is rich in history, culture, and fun activities, including the Kasugayama Castle Ruins, which once served as the residence of famed military commander Uesugi Kenshin; Takada Castle Site Park with its famous cherry blossoms; the Myoko Plateau where you can enjoy hot springs and winter sports; and Itoigawa, an area known for its jade stones.

Sado Area

Sado Island offers nature and scenic landscapes you won’t be able to find on the Japanese mainland. The nostalgic village of Shukunegi, for example, boasts a maze of strolling pathways, and then there are the tarai tub boats that travelers love, as well as tons of other ways to experience the local history, culture, and great food. Come discover Japan beyond Tokyo and Kyoto at Sado Island.

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         ➡ List of local experiences covered in the Niigata Welcome Campaign

Discover the wonders of Niigata Prefecture and make the memories of a lifetime without breaking your wallet! We look forward to seeing you there!