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Niigata Discovery Tour3 Yahiko & Nagaoka course (Nov 8)report 23

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Niigata Discovery Tour3 Yahiko & Nagaoka course (Nov 8)report 23

The tour was very fun and very impressive. Although it was raining, I still enjoyed this tour very much. First destination of our trip was Yahiko Shrine and Momiji-dani park, we were very lucky that there were flower festival and Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) Japanese traditional festival held at the Yahiko Shrine. Along the road toward the shrine was decorated by various kind of flowers which was very beautiful. It was very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere even though there were lots of people. In addition, I could enjoy shopping some Japanese traditional souvenirs at shops near the shrine.

Yahiko Shrine on rainy day

Beautiful flowers along the road toward Yahiko Shrine

After that, we had lunch at Teradomari Shoya restaurant. The food was great and very delicious. Not only the delicious food that we could enjoy, but also beautiful scenery of the sea at the back side of the restaurant.

Delicious food at Teradomari Shoya restaurant

The next stop of the trip was Teradomari Fish Market Street. This place gave first impression to visitors as they provided gift coupons to exchange for delicious dried seaweed. In addition, the method for buying cheap fish was also interesting and amusing as buyers had to compete by playing rock-paper-scissors to get the best prices. Moreover, there were lots of cheap and fresh seafood in the market.

Interesting method of selling seafood at Teradomari Fish Market Street

Then we went to Tsubame-Sanjo Jibasan Center where they sold high quality of knives and metal products. I could witness the knives production and there were various kind of household products. The last place of this trip was Eguchi Dango. I could experience making Mitarashi-Dango by myself and ate it while enjoying beautiful scenery at the restaurant. Mitarashi-Dango was very delicious and I was really love this place. I felt very thankful for International Tourism Office of Niigata Prefecture for organizing this amazing trip that will become one of unforgettable experience during my stay in Japan.

Enjoying beautiful scenery at Eguchi Dango

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