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May 28th, 2011 Something to Celebrate

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Hello, everyone. This is Katrina, a resident of Niigata City. Today I was in our final performance of the 2011 Niigata International Charity Organization English language musical. Every year, The Niigata International Charity Organization does various fund raising activities such as the annual musical in order to build and equip schools in Papua New Guinea. However, this year was a little different because we decided to donate money to Great East Japan Earthquake relief in addition to Papua New Guinea. Niigata Prefecture is relatively close to the highly affected areas, but there was no major damage here, so we really feel as though we want to help the victims. Since it was our last performance, all of the participants were in high spirits, so after it ended we went to The Local, a bar in the Furumachi area of Niigata City run by a man from New Zealand, and had a great time celebrating along with those who came to see our musical!

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