Niigata Traditional Garden Tour


The culture of luxury Experience Japanese traditions

≪Japanese gardens and traditional architecture created by rich farmers and merchants≫
  In Niigata, many "Gounou (farmers who owned a vast land)" and "Goushou(merchants who made a fortune by shipping)" built gorgeous houses. Luxurious and profound architectural style, costumes and decorations embody the Japanese aesthetic sense.
This is a premium tour, through which that you can enjoy the hospitality and luxury of these prominent citizens (make rice cakes, participate in a Shinobue / drum competition, and stroll the traditional garden in a beautiful kimono).

≪Prosperity of Gounou/Goushou and garden kingdom of Niigata≫
  Niigata is a hidden garden kingdom with many wonderful traditional architecture and Japanese gardens. Gounou and Goushou built gorgeous houses to create jobs for tenants and residents. It is said that sometimes there were no limits on budget or time so the work would continue indefinitely.The historic buildings and gardens that remain at the roadway and port of Kitamaebune has a high cultural value.

≪The architectural style that embodies "Teiokuichinyo"≫
  You can feel Japanese cultures from the houses and gardens made by Gounou/Goushou which embodies "Teiokuichinyo” (the connection between natural and man-made.The luxurious and profound building was lavishly designed and decorated. The Kyoto-style garden is meticulously laid out, with the harmony of garden and mansion in mind. The stones used were shipped from Kansai and Setouchi by Kitamaebune.

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