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Ojiya Balloon Festival


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Ojiya Balloon Festival

  • Ojiya Balloon Festival

  • Ojiya Balloon Festival

  • Ojiya Balloon Festival

Month held February


Event dates


2019.02.23 -2019.02.24

Japan’s representative hot air balloon competition the “Sea of Japan Cup Cross Country Championship” is the main event of this festival, but there is also the wondrous Glow Balloon Festival with hot air balloons, fireworks, and lanterns. You can also ride in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloons floating in the air enchant their audience with their vividly-colored forms.

Umaimono Plaza has a good selection of delicious, local staple foods.

When: February 23-24, 2019
Where: Nishinaka venue (hot air balloon competition)
Hirasawa venue (hot air balloon rides)

Key information


From Ojiya Station on the JR Joetsu Line, there will be shuttle buses available
From the Ojiya interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway, it takes around 10 minutes by car to reach the venue


Contact name

Ojiya City

E-mail address



Ojiya Balloon Festival

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