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This rocky crag looks like two crouching turtles, hence its name meaning “two turtles”. A great place for swimming, with the clearer water than anywhere else around Sado Island.

(Address) Washizaki, Sado City
(Best time to go) July to August


Echigo Matsudai Satoyama Shokudou uses ingredients from Matsudai in the local cuisine on its menu. Its dishes are packed with nutrients and good for your health. Each season of the year offers unique scenery here, and your table, with a mirror for its surface, reflects this rural beauty and its terraced rice fields while you dine.

Where: Matsudai Noubutai 2F, 3743-1 Matsudai, Tokamachi-shi

Weekends and holidays have the Satoyama buffet.
Adults - 1,500yen
elementary school students - 800yen
pre-elementary children - 400yen


Lake Tadami, the largest man-made lake in East Asia,was created by the damming of the Tadami River. The surrounding mountains reflect on the lake surface, and the colors change with the season. The spring bloom and autumn foliage are especially worth seeing from the relaxing pleasure cruise on the lake.

(Address) Otori, Yunotaniimogawa, Uonuma City
(Best time to go) May- November
Okutadami-Ginzandaira Round Trip: Adults 2250 yen Children 1130 yen;
Okutadami-Ozeguchi Round Trip: Adults 2250 Children 1130 yen
(Trip Time)
Okutadami- Ginzandaira 40 minutes;
Okutadami-Ozeguchi 40 minutes


At Yahiko Park you can see the different expressions of the four seasons. In the stream-filled area known as Maple Valley around vermillion-lacquered Kan-tsuki Bridge, the scenery becomes like a panting during the time of autumn foliage.

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