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Beautiful chrysanthemum flowers will be in full bloom under the clear autumn sky. This is Niigata’s biggest flower exhibition in both variety and number. You can see 4,000 displays of lovingly and carefully raised chrysanthemum flowers. You can’t miss the huge chrysanthemum bed that magnificently depicts Niigata’s great scenery.

Dates: November 1st to November 24th

Location: Yahiko Shrine, 2887-2 Yahiko, Yahiko Village



The battle of clashing horns that unfurls at the bullfighting arena is a sight to see!
Period May 3rd to November 5th, 2017
Time Matches begin at 1:00 p.m.

Venue Ojiya Togyujo (Ojiya Bullfighting Area), Koguriyama, Ojiya City

Directions 15 minutes by car from JR Ojiya Station (Joetsu Line); shuttle buses will be available.
Shuttle buses will run from Sun Plaza in Ojiya City to the Togyujo via Ojiya Station.

Regular seat: 1,000 JPY (open air)
Special seat: 2,000 JPY (covered by a roof)


Fresh fish and shellfish caught near Sado Island will be sold at very low prices. Everyone can join the amateur fish auction, and you will be amazed to see the expert’s outstanding skill in the giant tuna cleaning show.

Dates:Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Location:Sado Fish Market, 1-1 Kasuga, Sado City


The former house of Kan-ichi Nakano, known as the Oil King of Japan, is open to the public. The garden includes the Nakano Residence Art Museum and 2000 maple trees. The blazing colors of the autumn leaves are a must-see. During the festival, concerts and miniature bonsai tree exhibitions will be regularly held.

October 24th to November 23th,2015

Sekiyu no Sato Park/ Nakano Residence Museum of Art, Akiha-ku, Niigata City

Nakano Residence Museum of Art : 700 JPY for adults, 500 JPY for college or vocational school students, 100 JPY for elementary, junior high, and high school students


Enjoy the natural artistry of gorgeous flowers!

More than 1000 pots of locally grown chrysanthemum flowers will be on display in the grounds of Fuko-ji Temple.
The exquisite “Chrysanthemum Arch” made with rare types of chrysanthemums will stand at the entrance gate to welcome everyone

Monday, October 31th to Thursday, November 10th , 2016

Bishamondo, Fuko-ji Temple, 2495 Urasa,Minamiuonuma City

● 5 minutes by foot from JR Urasa Station (JR Joetsu Line)



Osaki Soba, made from only stone ground buckwheat flour and water, is “one hundred percent buckwheat soba”
Besides trying this soba made from 100% buckwheat flour, visitors can also enjoy local foods like dango dumplings, boiled dishes, and mountain vegetables. You can even see some of the Osaki region’s traditional performing arts.
Tour participants will be able to visit Watatsu shrine and ride the Tarai-bune tub boats.

※Book early, as spaces fill up quickly with both tourists from outside the island and repeat visitors.

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