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The latest flight schedule of Niigata Airport.

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 新潟空港 外観

Niigata Airport Flight Schedule: October30, 2016 to March 25, 2017

This is the latest flight schedule ofNiigata Airport.

Niigata Airport has many international flight routes and many domestic flight routes aswell. After you have enjoyed your stay in Niigata, you could travel to anotherdestination in Japan.

 1. Seoul-Niigata

Operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (3flights a week)
Carrier: Korean Airlines (KAL)
Seoul to Niigata (Flight: KAL763/JAL5226)
10:05 → 11:55
Niigata to Seoul (Flight KAL764/JAL5227)
12:55  → 15:25

 2. Shanghai-Niigata

Operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays (2 flights aweek)
Carrier: China Eastern Airlines
Shanghai to Niigata (Flight: CES295/JAL5636)
9:30 → 13:00
Niigata to Shanghai (Flight: CES296/JAL5637)
14:00 → 16:40

 3. Harbin-Niigata

Operates on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays (3flights a week)
Carrier: China Southern Airlines
Harbin to Niigata (Flight: CSN615)
8:10    → 11:15
Niigata to Harbin (Flight CSN616)
12:15    → 13:25

 4. Taipei-Niigata (Starting November 4!)

Operates on Mondays and Fridays (2 flights a week)
Carrier: Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT)
○ Mondays
Taipei to Niigata (Flight: FAT622)
13:00 → 17:10
Niigata to Taipei (Flight: FAT621)
18:10 → 21:15

○ Fridays
Taipei to Niigata (Flight: FAT622)
8:45 → 13:00
Niigata to Taipei (Flight: FAT621)
14:00 → 16:45

 5. Domestic flights (7 routes to 6 cities)

Narita (1 return flight a day)
Sapporo (Chitose) (5 return flights a day)
Nagoya (Chubukokusai)(2 return flights a day)
Nagoya (Komaki) (1 return flight a day)
Osaka (Itami) (10 flights a day)
Fukuoka (3 return flights a day)
Okinawa (Naha) (1 return flight a day)

 6. Rinks

For more information on Niigata Airport, pleaserefer to the following websites:
(English) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=en( External link )
(Korean) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=ko( External link )
(Chinese (Simplified)) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=zh-cn( External link )
(Chinese (Traditional)) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=zh-tw( External link )
(Russian) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=ru( External link )

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