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Niigata Airport Information

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 新潟空港 センタープラザ

Have you ever been to Niigata Airport?
Niigata Airport is one of the major airports alongthe coast of the Sea of Japan, and its runway is 2,500 meters long. It has domestic flights to Narita, Sapporo (Chitose),Nagoya (Chubukokusai and Komaki), Osaka (Itami), Fukuoka, and Okinawa (Naha) (7routes to 6 cities). As for international flights, flights to Seoul, Shanghai,and Harbin are starting up. It will also have regular flights to Taiwan startingin November 2016. To get to the airport, it takes about 25 minutes from JRNiigata Station by limousine bus or 10 minutes from the nearest interchange. Itis very easy and convenient to get to.

 1. Wi-Fi

Niigata City Free Wi-Fi, a public LAN service hasbeen launched at the International/Domestic Departure Lobby on April 1, 2016. Additionally, the same service launched on June18, 2016, for Airport Limousine Buses which operate between Niigata Airport andNiigata Station South Exit. Our goal is to make it sothat Niigata Airport meets the needs of foreign tourists so that they willchoose it when traveling.

 2. Restaurants

Another attractive quality of the airport is that ithas a variety of Japanese restaurants, such as a sushi shop where you can tastefresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and a hegi soba noodle shop, which has noodlesmade of a kind of seaweed. You can eatJapanese food as soon as you arrive in Japan.

 3. Shopping

The airport also has shopping. “Akashia,” referringto acacia, is a shop that offers Niigata’s specialties, like seafood, food fromthe mountains, souvenirs, and folk crafts. “Airium Plaza” offers travel goods,lunchboxes, and souvenirs. There isalso a duty-free shop with hours designed to accommodate international flightdeparture times, so you can do your last-minute shopping just before boarding.

 4. Rinks

For more information on Niigata Airport, pleaserefer to the following websites:
(English) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=en( External link )
(Korean) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=ko( External link )
(Chinese (Simplified)) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=zh-cn( External link )
(Chinese (Traditional)) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=zh-tw( External link )
(Russian) http://www.niigata-airport.gr.jp/?lang=ru( External link )

新潟空港 エアリウムプラザ

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