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Sado culture & History

 Osado Ishina Natural cedar forest


 (Picture: Cedar tree)

Having grown for some 300-400 years, the trees in this forest werespared from being cut down due to their commercially unviable shape, of which heavysnowfall is largely

responsible for. This was a beautiful leisurely walk suitable forany fitness level.


 gold mining  


(Picture: gold bar)

The unique culture that developed on Sado can be attributed to itsinhabitants who came from far and wide to settle on the island in search ofgold. They each brought with them their own culture and customs, includingtaiko drumming, chanting, and dancing. The ‘Golden Island’ is not onlybeautiful for its natural resources and abundant nature, but also for its richcultural heritage. Lured by the precious metals and available work, the hardworking miners and their families created entertainment forms from a mix of traditionsthat merged over time to create a unique, distinctively Sado culture.


 traditional culture displays



(Picture: Sado Okesa)

Our tour group was treated a traditional SadoOkesa dance performance from the Ryotsu Yamaki hotel staff. It was a beautifulexperience, and they warmly invited the hotel guests to participate and learnthe motions. The chant they sang was in our heads for hours!

 fun, friends, and food




(Picture: Taraibune)

Unique to Sado Island, the tub shaped ‘taraibune’boats were initially designed for local fisherman to more effectively maneuverbetween sections of rocky coastline. Yajima-Kyojima was a particularly stunningbackdrop in which to have this unique experience.


interesting for all



(Picture – Yukata Dinner)

Sado Island is a perfect location fortourists from any country to visit. They can find a very unique, rich, and intactculture set amongst beautiful scenery, amazing fresh food, and extremelyfriendly and welcoming locals. Our tour group consisted of many differentnationalities and everyone became close through this shared experience, so manysmiles and much laughter.


food on sado



(Picture – Yukata Dinner)


Abundant with delicious rice and catches offresh seafood, Sado is a must for food lovers. The local ‘burikatsu-don’ (deepfried yellow tail fish cutlet on rice) is so delicious that Sado’s official mascot,a yellow tail fish named burikatsu-kun, is a household name, loved all acrossJapan.


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