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Niigata Discovery Tour2 Sado & Joetsu course (Oct 3-4)report 17

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Niigata Discovery Tour2 Sado & Joetsu course (Oct 3-4)report 17

I am a 2nd year student of International University of Japan. IUJ is located in somehow isolated place in Minami Uonuma City and transportation for students to travel, even within Niigata prefecture. So I was very happy to join the tour to Sado Island, a famous destination in Niigata.
When we stayed in the ferry which headed to Sado Island, we are impressed by the comfortable of the ferry, many gulls and the beauty from the sea.

We reached Sado Island in the afternoon and had lunch with very delicious sasimi. Then we started the trip with Toki no Mori Park(Crested Ibis Park).
Toki is the symbol of Sado Island and we learned that they want to create the best environment for human being and toki co-exist. It’s really interesting to know about that. And all of us love Toki doll.

After Toki no Mori Park, we arrived the beautiful place with wonderful scene forward to the sea. It’s really amazing.

Then we moved to visit Sado Gold Mine. Sado Island was famous for the gold and mining industry. The trip in the cave to see how Japanese people did gold mining in the past was really interesting and alive (by the robot to demonstrate the process).

End of the first day of the trip, we had rest at Japanese traditional hotel. We were served very big dinner and really delicious. The hotel owners were very kind. The facilitation was good also. We thought that if we plan by ourselves to visit Sado, we cannot arrange or afford to this conditions. We appreciated the tour arrangement for us.
The second day start with trying Tarai-Bune(tub-boat). It was difficult to control but quite fun to try.

From the port, we travelled to visit Shukunegi old shipbuilders village, one of the most famous places in Sado Island. The village is preserved with the old wooden houses. It’s really nice and peaceful place. We heard the guide explained about the roof with the stone, the owner of houses (the ship owners)… Finally, we saw the house with shape as a boat which is appeared in the advertisement.

Here is the group picture before enter Shukunegi old shipbuilders village.

In conclusion, we are very happy with the tour with all arrangements, especially with the guides. We miss Sado Island as well as Japanese hospitality. If I can arrange the time and financial saving, I will come back to Sado Island. And we introduced to our friends to contact with the guide if they want to visit Sado Island.

Phan Thi Thu Lan

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