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Niigata Discovery Tour2 Sado & Joetsu course (Oct 3-4)report 15

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Niigata Discovery Tour2 Sado & Joetsu course (Oct 3-4)report 15

The tour was so amazing which gave me a lot of fabulous memories.

When I told a friend that I came from Niigata. He busted into laughing that surprised me a bit. He told me that this area is surrounded by mountains. Yes, it is. However, there are numbers of amazing destinations that he didn't know about Niigata Prefecture. As I had one of the lifetime chance to discover Sado Island thanks to Niigata Discovery Tour, I believe that Niigata has various stunning surprise for people more than mountains.

The trip first impressed me first with the cleverness of the Japanese with the handicraft products. From those small things which people thought that they are just the useless things but they turned it to a kind of art.

After that we had a chance to get on board on a ship which amazed me with the comfortable and convenient cabins. With blue sky and sea birds, Sado island becomes so natural and attractive.

Taking photos with the Sado is my favorable interest.

In Sado island, we met those cute diligent Japanese tour guide, they were so kind to guide us around Sado with all their hospitality.

They treated us so special.

The most interesting destination on the trip was visiting the Gold mine. We took turn to try lifting the 12kg Gold, so difficult but exciting.

Everything was so stunning and impressive from the food to the landscape, the people.

I hope that there will have more and more tourists come to Sado island.
One more thing, this area is so natural which likes it has been no hand of the human-being devastated it, so please keep this island safe. We really love this area.

Nguyen Thi Mai Anh

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