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Niigata Discovery Tour1 Murakami & Seiro course (Sep 27)report1

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Niigata Discovery Tour1 Murakami & Seiro course (Sep 27)report1

This Niigata tour trip is the best trip plan among in another one day trip tour. I was always joining to go with every Niigata tour. For this time, I felt it was very unique and excellence plan for foreigners.

Bus stops No.1 (Niigata Senbei Okoku)

The very first place for this tour is Niigata Senbei Okoku (cracker industrial) which is the only one place you can make your own cracker. In that place you can make your own design cracker. When you arrived at Senbei okoku, they will show you how to make cracker and how hard it is. And then you can make your own cracker by yourself. First, you have to bake cracker and then draw a picture on that cracker and bake again step by step.

But you can choose only one Japanese taste, soy beans taste. They keep their taste as a secret. Niigata is famous for rice, sake, beans and Japanese sweet. And this cracker is made from rice so I feel it is a nice place to show to the foreigners as a Niigata Prefecture. As for me, this is the second time, I went to Senbei Okoku, but still enjoy making of cracker. I would like to show you some picture of making a cracker by myself.

Fig: Showing how to make cracker and room temperature

Fig: First step of baking a cracker

Fig: Draw a picture as you like with soy sauce. If you want to give your beloved one as a present, you can write what you want. ^O^

Fig: After drawing, bake the cracker again. So we can get a beautiful handmade art on cracker.

Fig: After finishing my own cracker, it was ready to carry to my house. If you want to eat that cracker, you can eat within one month. If you don’t, you can save it for a long time.

Bus stops No.2 (Sakaue Grape Garden)

The reason why I join this Niigata Discovery tour is only for Grape garden. My home town is a biggest city of my country. So, it is just like an eco town, we don’t have any chance to see how to grow fruits, rice or something like that. So I really excited to go and eat grapes as much as I want for the first time. But I got the chance to go to other grape garden before this trip. On this trip, it was become 3rd time to go to grape garden.
If it was your first time, you would be very happy for spending your time in this grape garden. As for me this is the 3rd time, so I felt normal. In my opinion, owner of grape garden should add more fun spot. So, we can choose not only to cut grape cluster and see the grape vine but also to make more fun time.

Fig: My choice grape cluster: very delicious and juicy

Bus stops No.3 (Salmon Museum)

Before we went to Salmon Museum, we had a lunch near museum. Murakami is the city where situated in Niigata prefecture, is very famous for Salmon. So, Trip planner arranged salmon dishes for us. Salmon eggs dish for the one who can eat raw fish. As for me, I can’t eat a raw fish, so they prepared a fried salmon dishes for me. Even I don’t like a fish very much; I felt it was so delicious.

Fig: Fried Salmon, Tempura, side dishes. Miso is also delicious.

Fig: Salmon eggs dish

The Salmon Museum is the place where I prefer most. If you reach the right time, you can see the baby salmon. This salon museum is connected with the river. So you can see a fish directly from the museum to river. And you can watch the salmon museum history movie, which takes about 7 minutes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the baby salmon because it was not the right time. And there have a flea market in every Sunday.

Fig: Explain about how to grow up fish

Fig: This is the place where connected with river directly.

Fig: Entrance of Salmon Museum

Bus stops No.4 (Murakami Shopping Street)

Well……This is the last place where we visited for this trip. On that shopping street you can buy a lot of Japanese traditional things, Sake and Salmon. Sometime you can get a cheap kimono on that street. That street gave me a sense of Japan. I grantee that the scenery of Murakami shopping street will give you what Japan is like or something.

Fig: Murakami shopping street through the old castle town

Fig: Japanese traditional arts and crafts

Fig: Kimono shop but it is very cheap about 300 yen.

Fig: Sake shop: If you are interested sake, you should go there.

Fig: Inside of the Salmon shop. When I went there, I got a shock because of dried salmon.

Well….. I should conclude my trip story. I love this Niigata Discovery one day trip. It is perfect for the foreigners like us. Now I knew how Salmon survive their life. Thank you very much from my bottom of my heart for all that you done for us. I especially enjoy the salmon museum. My thanks for a great time, I hope you all can make more to impress for Niigata prefecture.

Bye Bye.

Myat Thiri Ko

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