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Day 5 : 晴 Sunny ^ o ^ Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

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Such fascinated scenery!

The sky was clear today with beautiful sunshine. I opened the window to let some fresh air in. The whole scenery just looks very like a picture which I've never seen before.

Plentiful breakfast and learning Japanese manner

Okamoto-san and Morisa-san had already waited for us in the dinning room. Once I stepped in, OMG, anonymous room! See, our table was just occupied a very small area.

Before breakfast, Okamoto-san and Morisa-san taught us the sitting manner in details. I treasured it much as I never thought any travel tour would have this kind of lesson Listen ......
* The seat near entrance/ door: the lowest position/ youngest person sits
* The seat most far away entrance/ door: the highest position person (e.g. guest) sits
Without my description, I thought you might imagine how's great for my breakfast. One...Two...Three ... How many dishes nei ~ ~ ~ ~

Wandering in ...

After that, we wandered in the site and enjoyed everything surrounded us. Electric wires, the roof, the cars, the plants, the roads ....all covered by snow. Love it so much. All objects are my topics. I took the photos as many as possible in order to share with my friends and state how's good Niigata was.

500 Yen to go "Military Base", insects corps is waiting for us !

Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science
See the photo; I assure that nobody can guess the function of the oxidized iron plated building. Nevertheless, that is a treasure-house for everyone indeed.

2 Special check-points (Highly recommended)

Check point 1: Watchtower

To reach the top, please climb the winding stairs (160階) but it's worth to do so. You must forget "tired" after the beautiful scene in front of you. Wonderful Remarks: Be careful when you walk up because of darkness with weak blue light only.

Check point 2: Specimen of butterflies

More than 500 specimens were shown in the room named Usuke Shiga Collection. So many patterns and colors of the flies, Woooooo .........


Besides of the above-mentioned check points, you may also walk around to
- Matsunoyama information corner : Show the photos which captured in the site
- Kyororo Gallery : Show different kinds of "alive" insects and fishes
- Traditional Hearth - Microscope Adventure

Having spent around 30 minutes there, it's time for us to another site. While waiting for the car, we found the snow house nearby. How's come?
Unbelievable, snow house stands under the strong sunlight.

Here, I could endure it no longer to show my shots to you.So nice nei ~ ~


Again, 500 Yen to Eye-opening : Northeast Asia Art Village

Before talking about the designs showing in the art centre, I do respect her principles.

"...Modern society has been running worldwide equation of economy action and a way of thinking today. It has some problems about the environment and economy. We aim to train an artist who can connect to nature and people, region and people, people and people through cooperation transcended region, generation and genre. It is important to nurse relationship feels five senses, body and emotion,to establish wealthy life in traditional work of region and solid village"
* * * When should this principle be applied in each society / company? Possible? >.<'''

Go back to talking about theinterior design, the base is in black color and each function rooms were painted in different sharp color for classification for instance


- Green color: Souvenir shop and information centre
- Orange color: Washroom

Question: Printings on the table or table cloth putting on?

Answer: The reflection of the board in the ceiling

Oppsssssss.......time to catch the train! The centre gave us some rice balls for eat in the train. Warmth

"Next station is Myoko-Kogen. Go Go Go !"

We arrived Furuya hotel.

Still early, it's around 15:00. Having had a light meal (Some kind of pancake), Chris and I enjoyed the facilities - Onsen again! Wooooooo After dinner, sorry, Onsen again and again. Comfortable!! That's my life.

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