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Niigata Garden Road


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Northern Culture Museum

  • Northern Culture Museum

  • Northern Culture Museum

  • Kurobeidori (Black fence street)

  • Kurobeidori (Black fence street)

Year Round
Nature,Culture, tradition
Autumn leaves

●Where authentic, beautiful Japan remains preserved
The Niigata Garden Road is a path that stretches approximately 150 km, which is lined with Niigata’s traditional symbols of Japan, such as Japanese gardens, farming manors, temples, old-style townhouses and more.
Villages, rice paddies, and mountains that run all along the road create a picturesque scene of traditional Japan whose colors change along with the passing seasons and make those who behold it feel the true Japanese spirit.

●Classical hot spring inns overflowing with character decorate the garden road
 Hot springs spout all along the region of this classical town road. Visitors can fully enjoy soaking in a variety of hot springs at some of the ambient inns that color the town, just as it has been done for generations.

▼Northern Culture Museum

▼Kurobeidori (Black fence street)

▼Shimizuen Garden

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