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Akakura Hotel


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 This is the center of Akakura Onsen, the one, that has the longest history in town.  A large buddhist altar in the lobby is always shining and telling us the way of human life. In the hotel there are 3 kinds of Onsen. They are UEN,RAKURAKU and ISHIWARI. Beside them, a temporary, wooden made Onsen bath is installed in the out door open air. That is called TEN~KU or FU~SETSU. Each one has its different atmosphere. There are several types of room from Luxurious to Standard, and the total number is 111 rooms. Outside of the town, the all year around is full of nature, fresh green in spring,  cool in summer, various colors in autumn and deep powder snow in winter.  Please come and enjoy.


(Address)486 Akakura Onsen, Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken 949-2111
(Tel)+81 (255) 87-2001
(FAX)+81 (255) 87-2033

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