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Nagaoka Yuki-shika Snow Festival


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Month held February


Event dates


2017.02.18 (Sat)-2017.02.19 (Sun)

Back in the days before refrigerators were invented, people in the Nagaoka region used to pack snow into pyramid shapes and preserve them, then they sold them year round for people to use like a refrigerator. These snow pyramids were called yuki-shika.

The festival features over 100 snowmen, and in addition to making your own distinct snowman, you can see a giant yuki-shika re-creation, enjoy games in the snow, buy food and drinks, and watch the stage shows and fireworks. It’s an event full of activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Saturday, February 18 - Sunday, February 19, 2017
Senshughara Furusato no Mori Park, 3-315-11 Senshu, Nagaoka

・25 minutes by bus (Chuo-junkan Line) from Nagaoka Station on the JR Shinetsu Line
・15 minutes by car from the Nagaoka IC on the Kanetsu Expressway

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