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Niigata Masterpiece Sushi: "Kiwami"


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In 2007, a Niigata sushi chef invented a new menu called Kiwami.
Kiwami is a premium sushi collection that features 10 pieces of sushi made of sea urchin, fatty tuna, salmon roe, and local, seasonal fish prepared by an experienced sushi master. It includes the most delicious local fish of the day chosen by a sushi artisan with expert judgment. You can not truly experience Niigata until you have tried it.

●Organizer: Niigata Sushi Shō Seikatu Eisei Dōgyōkumiai 
(a sushi artisans’ association)

●Contents    10 pieces of sushi made from local fish, fatty tuna,

sea urchin, and salmon roe; a generous serving for 1 person,

enough for 1.5 people.

A bowl of soup is included.

●Cost: 3,780 JPY

Restaurants: 24 restaurants in Niigata City.

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