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Uonuma Summer Snow Festival


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80,000 tons of snow is used to make a gigantic snow mountain at the Uonuma Summer Snow Festival. This fun-filled event, held at a specially-made location in the Ginzandaira Campground, lasts about two days in order to blow away the heat of summer. Racing down the slope on a sled is exciting for both children and adults! From the snow to the mountain to the river to the lake, there are a variety of places to play. Additionally, there is corner with all of the delicious foods Uonuma has to offer, a hands-on booth, and more!

Refreshing breezes blow across the high elevation of the Ginzandaira plain, making it feel as though you’ve come to a summer resort. If you want to feel the dynamic energy of nature, try hiking Arasawadake/Mannenyuki, but long sleeves and pants, as well as trekking shoes, are recommended. A guide will accompany you, so beginners can feel assured about trying it.

Many events will also be held at the adjacent Lake Okutadami. After tiring yourself out playing in on the snow mountain, you can relax and take in the vast nature of Lake Okudatami on a sight-seeing boat ride. Even first-timers can try canoeing safely in the 10-person hand-paddled canoe E boats. Lake Okutadami leaves nothing to be desired!

Dates: Saturday, July 22-Sunday, July 23

Time: 10am-3pm

Events may change depending on the conditions and amount of snow.


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